This page will give you ways to prepare your story for posting to this site. Then you can post it to the VoiceThread on the home page for everyone to see.

The VoiceThread on the home page is where you share your story.
It is set up to take your story from a web cam, or a microphone, or you can even type it in, but we would prefer if you used a web cam.
There are some steps involved in preparing for this:

Steps to take to prepare your story for the VoiceThread:
  1. Think about your story
  2. Decide which Thread it will belong to:
  • Where I am From (A story about the country you came from)
  • A New Home (A story about what it was like when you arrived)
  • School (A story about school: the differences, what it is like, how it was back home)
  • Friends (A story about leaving friends or finding new ones)
  • The Hardest Thing (A story that tells what has been difficult to go through in a new country)
3. Practise your story, saying it aloud.
4. Setup your webcam
5. Sign in to VoiceThread
6. Click COMMENT and then 3, 2, 1... You're on!