What is it like to come to a New Country to live?

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Do you want to teach or learn about telling digital stories? Here are some ideas that might help.

Learning about digital stories.

Digital stories can consist of all or some of the following. Click on each one for an example which opens in a new window.

Photos + Video + Sounds + Voice¹ + Music

Elements of a digital story: ²

1. Point (of View).

You have a desire or a need to tell a story.

2. Dramatic Question

Maintain the tension until the end. Form a desire, perform some action, and come to a realisation of why the story needed to be told.
A great example of this is a winner of a Fair Go Ad Award one year. The story starts with two young children shooting hoops. Two menacing looking youths approach and we see fear in the eyes of the children. One youth grabs the ball while another sweeps a child off his feet. He lifts him up high where the other youth throws the ball up to him. The dramatic tension is suddenly released, as the small child effortlessly shoots the ball into the basket. The dramatic tension is held until the end when we discover the message is about helping others.

3. Emotional Content

The main thing in any story is the human factor. Be honest about your feelings in your story. Most stories follow a loss then gain pattern.

4. Your Voice

It is truly unique. It contains the tone of your story.

5. Soundtrack

The power of the soundtrack is never to be underestimated. Music transforms the story to unlimited depths. Music communicates ideas beyond words.

6. Economy

Pare ideas down to their essence. The impact of your story works through three degrees that are directly proportional to the economy of thought: efficient – effective – transformational

7. Pace

Don’t rush, use pause, take a breath, relax.

Use technology to help set stories at the heart of human existence. Storytelling in the world is not optional, but essential.

Aristotle says in “Poetics” that storytelling is what gives us a shareable world.

It’s through the use of story that we communicate our subjective experience and its through the sharing of subjective experience that we connect, and identify with others. http://heroesnotzombies.wordpress.com/2008/01/30/the-importance-of-story/

¹ www.ourmedia.org